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Alastair writes historical fiction set in 13th century Christendom. His first novel, ‘Festival of the Oppressed’, has been published by Ocean Reeve Publishing.
He is currently working on the fifth novel in a series about the adventures of two itinerant musicians—jongleurs—Jehanne la Flèche and Guillem d’Avignon. Their travels have so far taken them to Champagne—where they met—Flanders, Genoa and Constantinople.
He is also working on a re-imagining of the Russian Revolution, telling the story from the point of view of those who made the revolution from below.

For many years, Alastair was member of Bravo Fleet, a Star Trek© writing sim. He made collective stories with people from all over the world. Some remain friends to this day.

Alastair created and wrote many characters. Prominent among them were the Trill Chief Petty Officer, Akina Jrez and his lover, the Andorian, Thalal zh'Simal, plus the human, Captain Nelson Harrison. As Harrison, Alastair ran his own sim, Deep Space 12.
He is a long time aficionado of both medieval history—especially its social history—and of the music of the Middle Ages. Writing about the period, therefore, seemed like a logical step.
He has also been active in socialist politics for many decades.
Alastair lives in Brisbane, Australia with his partner, a cat and various chickens. In his spare time, he acts with Brisbane Arts Theatre. He also is a keen amateur photographer.
Alastair is a member of his local athletics club and has run two full marathons and many half marathons.

The pictures of Lane from 'The Importance of Being Earnest' (white bowtie), Wagon Driver from 'Masquerade' (cloth cap) and Doctor Whiteface from 'Men at Arms' (clown) are by Kris Anderson (

They are production shots from plays staged by Brisbane Arts Theatre.

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